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Commercial Services

Networks@Home provides a full range of services for all commercial operations including, but not limited to office spaces, school environments, restaurants, municipality buildings, etc. We are ready to be your trusted partner.

We offer full fiber optic services including installation, termination, testing, certification and troubleshooting. 

The art of discovering and correcting issues with connectivity, performance, security, and other aspects of a network. Troubleshooting skills we feel are the most difficult to find within an organization.

We provide several options for door entry, whether it is to office space, exterior or interior doors access or entry to an apartment building and individual apartment units.

We install, test, and certify the necessary back end network infrastructure enabling network connectivity, communication, operations, and management of an enterprise network. This can include Category cable of all types along with the type of cable required by code and for the specific installation and need.

We provide digital signage services for restaurants, businesses, houses of worship, libraries, etc. These solutions are designed so that the end user can maintain their system without the need to hire back technical resources to make changes. We believe that if the client would like to take on the task of making adjustments to their digital signage we train them to be confident in doing so.

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